Laravel 101 Course (Beginner)


The Laravel 101 course is designed to take you from zero to hero in just two days. You get the opportunity to build an entire system, from operating system, to development environment, to app, to publishing on the internet.

This course is presented in Cape Town.


2 Day introductory course, that covers the following:

  • A description of the Laravel Framework
  • Why we use frameworks
  • What other frameworks exist
  • How Laravel compares to the other frameworks
  • What is an ORM and what is Eloquent and why this is revolutionising web application development
  • Models, views, and controllers, and the magic of MVC
  • REST Computing
  • Routing
  • How to scaffold
  • Controller best practices
  • The beauty of chaining database queries
  • Crafting blades
  • Introduction to Vue.jsBootstrap, and Tailwind.
  • Why we optimize assets
  • The Laravel community and ecosystem

We build the ideal software development completely from scratch, including formatting the computer and installing an operation system and the modern developments tools to achieve our end goal. We build our own Tesla for Web Development.

This course is not only a great introduction for programmers, but designed for anyone who wants to understand modern day web development, including executives, project managers, creative staff, and other parts of the organisation..

After this course the student will have gained the knowledge to understand that what makes up modern day web application development, and all it’s key components.

This course is presented in Cape Town.

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Cape Town, South Africa


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