Laravel 201 Course (Intermediate)


Feeling confident with PHP and frameworks but want to take your knowledge to the next level? Come immerse yourself in intermediate Laravel training where we build an advanced application in three days covering most of the fundamental parts of the framework.

This course is presented in Cape Town.


This 3 Day Course is for Web developers who already has experience with PHP and / or Laravel.

In this course we focus on one thing only:

How to build a mobile friendly budgeting application that interfaces with a real banking card including testing.


  • API Architecture
  • Interfacing with e-commerce and the real world
  • Hooks & real-time processing
  • How to take your back office to the next level with Laravel Nova
  • Queues & queue management
  • Push notifications
We build an application to keep track of your budget in real time including all data, methods, and workflow.

This course is presented in Cape Town.

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Cape Town, South Africa


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