Laravel 301 Course (Advanced)


Got what it takes to be the best? The Laravel 301 course is designed to cement your knowledge and explore the most challenging parts of application development. We cover APIs, Vue.js front-end, and all the amazing back-end tech that enables large scale applications.

This course is presented in Cape Town.


This 4 Day Course is presented in Cape Town and is for Web developers who already has experience with PHP and / or Laravel.

The course is designed to take you from intermediate to expert. Here we also lay the final foundation to prepare for becoming a Laravel Certified Developer*. Our journey is nearing it’s end so now it’s just the final push.

We have three days of intense sessions where we break down the entire manual. Each session is a speed session for an applicable part of the documentation. We summarise by doing snippet implementations and anchors to which we can refer back to.

Along the way we apply concrete development knowledge to build a practical real-world application.

In three days we:

  • Build a beautifully crafted MVC application with clear and consistent models and workflow
  • Wire all the front-end components to our API
  • Cover multi tenant application theory and practice

In this course, we also cover the entire Laravel manual from A to Z in order to help you prepare to the maximum to become a Laravel Certified Developer. This is an accumulation of the entire grid, and a chance to fill in each of the gaps…

Even if you don’t want to write the exam, this will be the hotbed of pushing your knowledge to the maximum level.


*Please note the exam is not administered by us. We only aim to prepare you with the maximum exposure in the shorted amount of time. If you want to write the certification, buy the exam here.

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Cape Town, South Africa


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