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Today's class far exceeded my expectations. You made a very foreign subject simple in limited time. I cannot find faults in the class. I hope i did not keep up the others with my questions.
Myra Triegaardt
Systems Analyst
Eugene is a great technologist and communicator. His ability to communicate complex programming concepts into a comprehensible format is extraordinary. He has assisted me greatly with demystifying Linux in the workplace and I continue to use that knowledge to this day.
JD Oberholster
Eugene has the ability to simplify complexity and has a wealth of knowledge, combined with the willingness to share, he is truly one of the best instructors I've met.

He's also the smartest man I know 😉
Louis Koen
Managing Member - Crimson Line
Twenty years ago Eugene taught me the then state of art in web development in his ASP course to maintain our company's first website that he and his brother had created. His career later followed communication technology and I was probably his first home wireless client in 2001. I followed the various business ventures of this entrepreneur closely. Today I'm very happy he is back at the roots: web development and professional training. Looking forward to learn more from the master!
Dr Alex Sinske
CTO, GLS Consulting, Stellenbosch
Eugene taught me the positive impact of being in touch with the latests programming frameworks and methods can have on your projects and development skills.
Jacques Tredoux
I am confident that Eugene's students will be deeply inspired by his unbounded enthusiasm, and will learn greatly from his wealth of experience.
Jeremy Druker
Thanks to you Eugène van der Merwe. This course was truly an ace Laravel 101 on all levels. What an elegant framework indeed!
Liani van der Merwe

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